Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Customization

Blogging is such a cool thing; you get to know lots of new people and actually make friends with them; travel distances without moving, forgetting the limits of space and time.

I have made some changes in the blog not that big and visible ones but still they are changes. Have changed labels for my posts although you find in all of the posts i have this 'personal' label. Still dont know what theme to go by, but i think it will be more of personal diary like thing with occassional poems (I know what you are thinking, ‘you call that rubbish a poem’) here and there.

I have combined the blogrolls into one removing all those classifications. For those of you who havent noticed, there is a 'Sign my Guestbook' in my sidebar. I see many of you havent signed yet :)

Keep visiting. Love you all.

{{Cyber Hugs}}


Janete Cabral said...

Great work with the blog Sandy.

It feels good to be productive when it comes to writing. I know the feeling well!

wishing you well xx


the walking man said...

"you call that rubbish a poem"

ha ha ha ha Only a poet would abuse themselves so.

Just keep them coming.


atomicvelvetsigh said...

well i would recommend flickr i for upload there, and there are alot of things you can find. some photos have restriction on copying (like you try to save it and all you get is a "spaceball.jpg") but most are ok. simple rule tho is to have the image host/owner linked or credited. then you're good to go! they even have a spacial button "blog this"..

so there.. hope you have fun on flickr too!

Sandy said...

@janete - thanks janete. yeah quite true. blogging really improves writing and i m enjoying that.

@walking man - thanks sir.

@atomicvelvetsigh - i hv been using flickr but it never struck me once that i can use it fr my blog. Thanks.

paul maurice martin said...

I like the look of your blog - keep it up!

Sandy said...

@paul - thanks mate

whimsical brainpan said...

Photobucket is a good place for images. If you want layouts for your blog check out this site. If you look at the top of the screen you'll see they have stuff for everything from MySpace to Xanga.

Frances bo bancess said...

can't say i've stumbled across anything i'd call rubbish on your blog, along the lines of what the walking man said, our greatest critics are ourselves.
i'm no help with photo searches, sorry.
i love cyber hugs!
peace out

Robin said...

Sounds like you've got plenty of advice on images. Blogging is cool....glad you're having fun changing things around!

Papillon said...

Hi Sandy,

I have to agree with frances bo bancess -- no rubbish to be found here! I love your posts, both the poetry and anecdotal ones. You are remarkably insightful and eloquent for one so young.

I hope you can find some appropriate images on this site,

Cyber-hugs right back atcha', my friend!

noisysmile said...

where'd you go 8-)? where's these poems you speak of? are they invisible?

and yes blogging is cool. I can't say I've met too many folks but I'm a bit of a hermit/lurker.

Sandy said...

@whim - Thanks whim. i will checkout photobucket next time.

@Frances bo bancess - thanks.

@robin - you bet!

@papillon - That sure is encouraging. Thanks.

@noisysmile - it would be a lie if i say i didnt get time to blog. Truth - Am Lazy

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