Friday, February 25, 2011

Travel Travel and lots of Travel

Apple tree view from my room.
Hello guys. How you all doing? Again posting after a lot of gap in between. The reason being I have been travelling a lot these days. I am enjoying every moment of it. In the last three months I have visited 2 countries. Always my dream was to travel and meet a lot of people around the world and the current job is helping me in realizing the same.
First I had been to Oxfordshire in UK for a project. The exact place was Milton Park. It was a country side and needless to say it was so so beautiful. I could see apple tree from my window. Wow!!!! Now thats a sight. The people in UK were great. They were very helpful and good natured. The weather was extremely cold and do you believe that i was seeing snowfall for the first time in my life. It was mind boggling experience. The food was here was not really spicy, especially if you consider the fact that i come from India and we eat very hot and spicy food. But i liked it. I tried ham and bacon and beef which i had never eaten before and it wasnt too bad. Days were really short, like sun would come out at about 8 and set at 4:30!!! My only regret while I visited UK was i couldn't see place and I know i am at fault, too scared to go out anywhere alone. London was 1 and half hour away from where i was staying and it snowed frequently and since the days were really short i was not courageous enough to go out anywhere alone. All in all I had a very good time in UK.
Then I had the opportunity to go to Riyadh for giving a training on the technology that I am working. Riyadh is soooo beautiful at night. From the air you would be blinded by the brilliant lighting in the city. During training i got to meet people from Syria and Lebanon and Saudi. It was so nice meeting them all. The city is very well planned and the roads and the street lights and the huge buildings just leave you awestruck. The people here are really good-natured, very polite and very friendly. They are really generous when it comes to hospitality. I was invited to a dinner which was hosted by the good person who was our company's partner and i know i couldn't thank him enough. The food was spicier than what it was in UK but not spicy enough by Indian standards but i know Indian habit of eating spicy food is the extreme.
I will try to write again when i get free time and have something to share. Till then its CYA from me who is waiting at Riyadh airport for my flight back to India. Keep smiling

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” –  Henry Miller

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Janete Cabral said...

Wow Sandy likes you have been travelling alright.

Glad you had a good time in the UK too.

Hope all is well with you.