Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Praise - A Necessity(But scarce)

Often i feel that in order for a man to raise up in any field he needs praise and support by counterparts or leader along with talent and skill.

No matter how talented u r whenever u step upto apply the learning in your field you need encouragement from others.'Wow nice work', 'well done' said by co-workers or lead in front of others certainly boosts confidence. On the other hand even though u r skillfull and some one tries to find faults in you in one and everything you do you feel let down. Gradually you start making mistakes unknowingly and specially when that person is watching you. Then a stage comes when you feel frightened to do the thing that once you love to do!!

In this age of competition its hard to praise others. Let me share a story of my school days that i had in one of my gujarati lectures. A sir drew a line on the board and asked students to make it short. Most of them rubbed the line from edges but that was not what sir wanted. He told u should make it short without touching the line. Finally when most of the students gave up he called his favorite student. He came and drew a longer line besides the line the sir had drawn!!!

Normally its a tendency of man to pull others leg in order to show his superiority :(

Bottomline "Encourage others, unsee their mistakes and help them". I know its hard to do!!!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Excellent point and great post!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...
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Janete Cabral said...

Human beings are weird.

Our insecurities, our need for praise, our search for meaning. We are all guilty. Why is so difficult to do onto others what we strive for?

I must admit it feels good to be praised or at least acknowledged, like you are making a difference. Keeps the demons of insecurity and perfection away.

But it also feels good to praise others, to do good onto others. I keep them companions.

great post my friend