Thursday, November 4, 2010

Workaholic Me :)

Its long time i haven't blogged, and there was a reason for it. I have been engrossed in many activities. Let me place it like this, since the last blog post that i made, i have changed my company, i have travelled to two places away from my home, i have been trying to make a name for myself and believe me it was wonderful roller coaster ride!!!

Leaving the old company was never easy. It was my first company and i will cherish that forever. I miss all my colleagues and superiors and boss, who have become my good friends. I got everything from my first company, but then if you ask me why did i leave, the only answer would be i needed to learn more. I didn't want my knowledge to get stagnant. Sometimes it gets really tough for a person like me who brings emotions first to understand that in professional world you need to move on to reach new heights. I am sad that i miss all my friends because this was were it all began, this was were i learned what i know, this was where which helped me in giving an identity and probably after 3 or 4 decades from now if i am alive, i will be telling my grandkids that Asite was my first company. Touchwood

Joining the new company is a thrill. I find here many young and new energy and the company growing at unstoppable speed and i am so glad that i am a part of it. My role here is quite different with what i had in last company and i have to be updated every time which is what i like most. I have started giving back to community in which i am learning, helping others and learning all the time as i do all these. I went to Gurgaon away from home for the first time for work related stuff and it was a good learning experience. I am right now in Bangalore for another project and may be day after tomorrow will be going back home after 3 long months. I had some good and bitter experience in the later project but i have to take it as something to learn. One thing i love about the projects away from my hometown is that i get to travel, see new places and make new friends.

Let's see what life has in store for me next!!! Whatever it is "Bring it on...."

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
— Douglas Adams


Billy said...

welcome back from netherland :)

Little Lamb said...

I hope we get to keep you this time. Welcome back!

Judy (Wizened Wizard) said...

I have been away from blogging for a long time (except for posting Shaman's poetry), but it was great to hear from you!

Your company is very fortunate to have you with them, and so much of the world would be improved if more people had your sensitive and positive attitude.

I wish you happiness, success and discovery as you continue to make the world a better place. : )


Sandy said...

Thanks billy and lamb. Judy its so nice to hear from you again :)

Janete Cabral said...


Sorry for shouting, we have missed you :)

Sandy said...

Hey janete. thanks. me missed you too :)

DeLi said...

wow, i can relate...ive been away for so long from the blogland..welcome back