Monday, March 31, 2008

Time Less Tales

What is this life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare
are the lines of W.H.Davies from Leisure. How true his lines are. Most of us really don't have any time.
May be its because of studies or work whatever the case . In this material world where everyone's running after money have hardly any time. Ask anybody for some time, he would say he's busy. I heard an anecdote sometime back : "After 12 hours of work wherein a father goes for job early before his son awakes and returns late night when his son has gone to sleep. The child asks his mom who is this uncle who comes home every Sunday with lot of gifts".

I m not sure whom to blame. Should we blame ourselves who don't manage to spare some time or this competitive world that teaches us to follow Darwin's theory wherein we have to strive hard for survival?

By the way some of my friends have took to blogging. And Jay has even stuffed up couple of posts. Plz take time to read them. Here's the link:Le Voyage De La Vie'


Papillon said...

Hi Sandy!

I blame the competitive world and do everything in my power to avoid playing by its demanding rules. Leisure time is essential to physical and emotional health.

BTW, I love the quote about democracy - hilarious and so true!

Sandy said...

Yeah quite true. I need to find some time for things i love to do and will very much find it. Thanks papillon for taking time and reading my post.

noisysmile said...

I think it's a combination of both. I feel like we're to blame though. we should take the pressure we feel and utilize it in a different way.
btw thank you for the input about the color of my blog. I didn't realize it was hard to read.

DeLi said...

food for the mind...thanks sandy

billy said...

this world is mad. i try to live in the zen way as much as possible.

Sandy said...

thanks for commenting everyone.

Anti Bookworm CEO said...

Son calling his Dad as uncle was the PSQ of ur blog man.. Its short nd sweet.:)