Sunday, April 20, 2008

Think about it !!!

First of all apologies for not updating my blog for a long time. Well got lazy and didn’t get a topic to brood upon and haven’t got one right now too. So I am going blurt out absolute nonsense in this post.

“Hello” is a common word used when phoning anyone. Hasn’t it come as a surprise people tend to use this same word while calling or receiving calls? May be the first guy who ever used this word would have meant as a greeting and it continued as a trend. Why can’t we use ‘Hi, ‘greetings’ or any other word? I mean its ok and we can understand when the word ‘Over’ is used in walkie talkies because it’s a two-way half-duplex channel transceiver (only one radio transmits at a time, though any number can listen). But this is really funny. And the tone used to say this word also varies. It might be sometimes said as “Hello?” or “Hello!!!” or in Gujarati slang ‘Haalo’. Surprising isn’t it!!
So next time when that nokia 5300 of yours is ringing; pick it up and straight away shout a “What?” and enjoy the difference!!!

I was reading an article on the net “Indian Alcohol Policy Alliance- Drinking Drive Meet”. It’s mentioned in the article 40% road accidents in the national highway related to drinking driving”.40% -- This makes it a logical statement that 60% of accidents are due to driving without drinking! This adds to the joy of drinking. Not promoting drinking though.

In today’s world you can’t expect people to treat you fairly only because you are a good person. Isn’t it? I always try being a Mr. Nice Guy. It falsifies the favorite line of Armstrong Sir (One of my English sirs during school days) –“The world is like a mirror. Smile and the world smiles with you”. Sometimes it works but then most of the times people start taking advantage of it. And I can’t blame them either. Expecting to treat me the same way as I treat them is like expecting the lion not to attack you becoz you are a vegetarian. Howz that?

One of the most common words that come across these days while judging a person is “Attitude”. People of says “It’s all about attitude you show”, “He lacks good attitude”.
Well talking about attitude reminds me of a chapter on Mulla Nasruddin that we had in our school days. It was a funny guy with strange attitude. One of anecdotes revolving around him goes like this. “A ship was about to sink in the middle of sea. Everybody was running hither and thither. And among such panic Nasruddin was standing cool watching the hullabaloo. One of the aboard passengers asked – ‘Nasruddin why aren’t you running? The ship is sinking’. To which Nasruddin replied coolly – ‘So what? This ain’t my ship!!!’” To sum it up ‘Attitude is not about walking as if you own the world but about walking as if you don’t care who owns the world.

Keep rocking guys.


noisysmile said...

I only answer the phone with a hello if I don't know who's calling. Most of the time I answer with 'yellow', which prompts the other person to say a color. Most often this starts a color war which I usually win, not because I know a lot of colors, but because I am stubborn and come up with colors that may or may not exist, like bologna pink. It's a great way to start a conversation! Try it!

Sandy said...

Funny. i will try it next time.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

these are the coolest "absolute nonsense" post i read so far!

i esp like the part of smiling to the world. its true about the lion too.. i must say im victimized by this many times. some of my friends say because im "too nice" or my voice is "too soft to have the ability to get mad". something like that..

anyway thanks for droppin by and like you i havent updated in a while too. but i just came from a vacation .. (excuses!?) hee 8)

have a nice week ahead!

whimsical brainpan said...

I tend to say "hey" or "yeah" when I answer my phone.

Sandy said...

@atomicvelvetsigh thanks for the encouragement. talking about the lions part yeah it generally happens that way in this world. you cant escape it.

@whimsical brainpan: thanks for dropping by. so we got 'what','yellow',yeah and 'hey' alternatives for hello. kewl.

Nazia said...

hey... i miss armstrong sir too....

nice one!

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billy said...

hello world... what?

DeLi said...

and hello to you do too, keep rockin' :-)