Friday, May 2, 2008


Away from this place,
Away from the people,
Away from noise,
Away from tensions,
Away from backstabs,
Away from selfish motives,
Away from egos,
Away from materialism,
Away from melancholy,
Away from greed.

I need to run away
I need to fly
With wings of lightheartedness
With a desire for Peace
Enjoying every bit
Of what i enjoy most
Following the trails Of
The Eternal Spiritual Silence.


billy said...

change is good

cathy said...

Soul Searching

Find a quiet place to hide.
Search within,
It's not outside.

Knock on the door of your soul.
It will answer,
If you call.

You are your own reality.
look inside,
Where eyes can't see.

Listen to the sounds
which ears can't hear
Life is sweet if you see it clear.

If you have the heart
To understand.
You'll be filled with love
As is God's command.

By Cathy

atomicvelvetsigh said...

this is a great poem.. i feel your sentiment.. i also would like to run away from it all sometimes.. but sometimes i just cant..

btw the reply of cathy is also nice..

Sandy said...

Yeah i completely agree with you atomicvelvetsigh 'cathys' reply is marvelous.

whimsical brainpan said...

What Cathy said! I can't improve upon that.

cathy said...

I haven't thanked you for inspiring this poem. So much of my recent poetry has been inspired by my own domestic problems. Since I wrote this for you I have been happier and more peaceful myself:)

Parth Barot said...

all great poets are here i think :) :D
yah sandy you written it very well.Sometimes things happens with us and creates situations where you feel to have some peace and loneliness.

But i think we all have some things to do.Not for our selves but for others,friends,family who are with us and for us.So i think you feel heaven if you have more time and fun with your nearer ones.

But, thanks to you both ,sandy and cathy , for great poems :)