Monday, May 26, 2008

Waiting for my Bus

Standing alone on roadside,
Watching never-ending traffic tide
The horns, the beeps, the smoke
Overshadowing the dusky eve.

Who has the time to see
Blue to red turning sky?
Busy street busy people
Rushing home in vehicle,

And there I stand and wait
Near malls lights so bright
My bus I am so eagerly looking
Soon along with all i'll be hiding.


boneman said...

Occupation: Software developer

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb a "dumb indian"....

OK, first off, I ain't like that.
I respect a man till he shows me I was wrong.
I honor his job because it may be a thing I can't do...or it may be a thing I don't want to do, but either demands respect, I think.

IF, there was a "dumb indian" it would have been the moment Indira sent armies to go castrate the Shiites, but, that kind of thinking is a rare thing, I feel.
Our own "Indira" (whom I call Bush junior) shows all the signs of making a catastrophic move such as that, or, actually, he already has, but, he still has time for more.

But then, neither of them were engineers, nor would they even know a circuit board from a program. (no. I know that there's a vast difference, eh? I'm just saying neither of them would know that difference. That one was a material board of connected circuits and that the other was a group of electronically manipuated ones and zeroes.)

Diversity demands a respect of each other, and I know that there are some that deny that, but then, they are stupid.
I have a "friend" in that part of the world. Perhaps you saw that when reading my comment. She's a teacher (best as i can ascertain) and she's looking for books with which to train her students. That is far more noble than I could attain at this period of my life.

Talk about "dumb"...I leaped into the profession of being an artist without a following to begin with.
Like, maybe i should move to California and learn how to say, "duh,"

(I hope you're laughing at that. It is a joke. People from California don't say "duh,"

They say, "like, duh,"

Little Lamb said...

Ah, the simple things in life.

Sandy said...

@boneman - so much for just a 'dumb indian'.I just said it like that only. i love your vision of looking into one and everyone with respect. thanks.
You know what i think i will have a tough time if i m in US, Not knowing when a joke was cracked. Honestly i didnt get 'duh' thing.

@little lamb - you are saying that to my poem or to bonemans speech.

noisysmile said...

cities suck. they are nice for a few moments, but the glitter quickly turns to microscopic noises and stains. I'm not sure a bus is much better. can't say I've ever been on one. they're pretty stinky and dirty in kc. but heck anything is better than the city, esp. if it's taking you away from it.

the walking man said...

Helpless Common. I doubt it eh? If your eyes are open enough to even see the things you talk about then it is a benefit just in the pondering on them, if nothing else.

'Course a bowl of rice is better and a coin or two not a bad thing but awareness of nothing, in and of itself is a benefit to them who have nothing.

Me? Fighting common. Always have been that way, can be no other,

Bus' are not bad and neither are city's. Bad is simply where people remain in lack. Understanding, food, enough to survive, these are bad.

Don't worry about understanding Americans, hell son, we hardly understand ourselves anymore.


Billy said...

poignant words. gives me a glimpse of your world.

Sandy said...

@noisysmile - it doesnt suck. i m in a city but some times it gets too busy.

@the walking man - can u repeat that again.

@billy - thanks mate

the walking man said...

The only helpless common men are them who never open their eyes.

For if you are at the least aware that there is need; it is a benefit to the who have the need you are aware of.

Certainly it is better to give some of what you have, but if you are simply aware it is better than being blind, indifferent.

And your simple awareness itself is a blessing to them in need, indifference is their enemy.

No one is truly helplessly common.


TWM aka mark

VioletSky said...

ah, now your poem makes that "70 people crammed into a 40 seater bus" sound much less hectic than it likely is.

Robin said...

Yep. Sounds like Chicago.

whimsical brainpan said...

Your really capture the feel of the city (any city, every city) in this poem Sandy. Great job!

DeLi said...

there are times that i find solace in riding and seemingly timeless travel inside teh bus. thats when i need to collect the forage inside my head....and be a little bit sane before i reach my destination...

Sandy said...

@the walking man - i see. but really does the 3 categories you mentioned sums up all. i m not sure.

@violetsky - yeah u should see it.

@robin - does it ?

@deli - solace while riding. good for you. try AMTS bus service in ahmedabad.

/t. said...


your english
is really very good

thanks for visiting mo'po


Little Lamb said...

I'm saying that to your post.

Sandy said...

Thanks /t. and little lamb.

the walking man said...

No one can sum up the entire human condition, cept for the One who has been here since before the bang that started it all eh?

Don't mind me sandy...I am simply insane and liking it. Great...


atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol i sense some friction here on the comments section! haa.. it amuses me how people think so differently according to where they are geographically located. and the beauty that some people tho, time zones apart, still have lots in common.. like almost being neighbors.

anyhoo.. i like your poem. its so like manila..

Sandy said...

@the walking man - yeah i can understand.

@atomicvelvetsigh - friend no friction, just we were discussing on some other topics. Thanks for dropping by.