Saturday, May 24, 2008

When nothing goes as you Wish !

20th May Tues 9:35pm

Well it struck to me that on 22nd May it was my parent’s 24th Wedding anniversary. You bet I was excited. Was thinking of where to go on 22nd and what all things to do?

21st May Wed 5pm

I was thrilled for the D-day. I had also enquired with friends where could i find one Mexican restaurant. I thought it would be a change to try some new restaurant. A sort of happiness which can’t be explained overflowed my face with a smile now and then. I searched for the restaurant suggested by my friend in wikimapia. I hoped i am not assigned any tough work so that i can reach home tomorrow early.
After reaching home i told my parents that we would go to Pastamania for dinner and then go to Iskon Mega mall as we hadn’t seen this new mega mall. Just then my father received a call. It changed expression of his face. As soon as the call ended he called someone. We asked what the matter was. He told with a serious tone Monu(one of my cousins working in jamnagar) is not well. Suffering from jaundice and also suspected of possible chickenpox (although not sure about it). Father announced that Monu will come tomorrow and will depart to kerala on 23rd, early morning by flight. He told that he has talked to travel agent about flight ticket.

The first thing that came to me was 'Why tomorrow?'

22nd May Thurs 5:30am

I woke up startled in the morning to hear that entire hullabaloo going on in the front. I thought he must have arrived and thought not to give him warmest of welcome. But one look at him and my thought of anguish vanished. He was so lean and he looked as if he was a personification of illness. He was not alone, was accompanied by two other guys.

I finished my chores early and decided to reach office before time. Reason: First, our small home became overcrowded and if i leave early it meant more space. Second, my mom insisted me that i don’t stay coz if he had chickenpox then it might spread.

Depressed from the fact that nothing went according to plan and i couldn’t even manage to wish them coz i never got a moment when both of them were together.

23rd May Fri 6:45am

After leaving Monu to the airport Dad reached home and i found myself saying to my parents "Belated Wedding Anniversary wishes".

It often happens to me that whenever i wish something to happen and m waiting for that particular moment eagerly it never happens. Just as unexpected surprises coming ur way brings extreme joy, expected events not happening according to your wish brings extreme distress.

'We cannot wish for that we know not.' - Voltaire


Little Lamb said...

That's sad. Stuff happens. Can you spend time with them some other time to make up for it?

boneman said...

the thing is, there's a saying, a spoof if you will...

It's called Murphy's Law.
Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong and at the most inopportune moment.
However, that means that the inverse is also true....
If it goes well your way, it will be abundant happiness.
(may you find more of the later than the former)(Enjoy every smile in the present, plan for none in the future, but, plan not for the tears, either.)

But, me?
I think Cole's Law pretty much sums it up.
And, "what is Cole's Law," you may ask?
Thinnly sliced cabbage and carrots in a light mayonaise sauce.

Sandy said...

@Little Lamb - Yeah i think i would have to.

@boneman - I hv heard this Murphy's law umpteen number of times from one of office colleague cum friend. But the fact was for me it was never supposed to go wrong and i never thought i would go wrong. I think i would have to follow more of Cole's Law now and then.

noisysmile said...

wow what a bummer. hopefully monu gets better. I also think that once the hullabaloo is over with you should go to the mexican restaurant together and celebrate at a later date.
for now it sounds as if it's best that you listen to your folks and stay out of the way. if you get sick it will just cause more stress. I'll keep all of you in my prayers!

/t. said...


  do not expect that
  which is beyond your control

  do not regret that
  which is beyond your control


atomicvelvetsigh said...

tssk.. what a coincidence! times like this, i always say.. "well, that's life!" and yeah we must follow the Cole's Law from time to time. ha!

but seriously, i hope your cousin gets well soon.

and speaking of coincidence, my folks just had their 34th wedding anniv last may 18.. and we just had a nice lunch at home with all my siblings and their families. first time we were all complete.

Sandy said...

@noisysmile - yeah monu is lot better now. Its confirmed that he doesnt have chickenpox but is suffering from jaundice. thanks for your prayers for him.

@/t. - very rightly said sir.

@atomicvelvetsigh - yeah i like Cole's Law just as you do mate. Yeah my cousin is well now. I think it was more of homesickness than the disease itself. He is in kerala now and half of his illness has perished from that only. Wow what a coincidence. nice to hear that you had a grand time.

Parth Barot said...

Its really bad moments you had dear. I know when our plan gets thrown away, it feels very bad. But what can you do? Its a situation you have to control yourself and help the person.

And thats what we say always," Hotaa hai yaar... chalata hai...Bhagwaan ki marzi..." :)

whimsical brainpan said...

I am so sorry that your cousin is ill. I am very sorry that you couldn't give your parents the celebration you wanted. Knowing parents I bet the fact that you really wanted to meant a lot to them though. Better luck next year. They are lucky to have you as a son.

Sandy said...

@parth - yeah dude

@whim - it should be other way round whim. i m lucky to have them as my parents.

VioletSky said...

I've had problems with my am getting caught up with making comments.

Glad to hear that your cousin is better, and that he doesn't have chickenpox.

It's tough to make plans and be so excited by them only to have everthing dashed by things beyond your control (no-one to blame, either!)