Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mad ride

7:15 pm standing at ‘Iskon bus stop’ waiting for the bus really pissed me off. Standing for 15 long minutes and seeing the crowd that was gathering for getting in the bus was increasing exponentially and also knowing the fact that yesterday it took nearly an hour (about 8:30pm may be) to get in the bus, I decided to venture out for a Shuttle Rickshaw. I thought i will somehow make it to ‘Lal Darwaza’ by rickshaw and from there I will have numerous options to reach home as Lal Darwaza is a major stop. Was it the right decision?

Well the rickshaw driver stuffed up 4 at the back and 2 at the front and I thought how's he gonna drive. For me it was lucky I got extreme end portion of the rickshaw although the other 3 who were super heavyweights squashed me up to pulp, it really didn’t matter as at least I got some air to breathe. And then the rickshaw took off. No traffic signals, no traffic rules, no DAMN DRIVING RULES from the book, it was just the hardcore driving that I had ever witnessed. A feeling like I was in some NFS car sitting and experiencing all those mad driving.

A corner came and it was time to turn to right. I was expecting a hand from driver to come out and signal other drivers coming from the back. Surprisingly it was a leg that popped out. I saw a destination for me - either Lal Darwaza or heaven (if god permitted me to allow in). Luckily for me two of the passengers got down in midway and that meant more space to me. In order to avoid traffic policemen, he was taking every unknown nooks and lanes. One of the passengers asked him if we were on right track. He smiled as if making fun and said leave it to him. After 5 minutes of unknown lane driving that made Ahmedabad look like a place full of pits, we came to an absolute dead end. So we had to turn back all the way where we had come, to a lane recognized by all of us and almost everyone shouted pointing the driver so loud that other commuters looked at our rickshaw as if it was filled up with a bunch of nerds.

Finally I reached Lal Darwaza and gleefully gave him 10 rupee note and happy at the fact that at least I made it.

Two things I want to tell you all guys "Patience is still a virtue". And if you think that rollercoaster rides don't provide you enough thrill then try commuting from Iskon to Lal Darwaza in a shuttle rickshaw on a nice crowded evening!!!


whimsical brainpan said...

That sounds a bit harrowing! It would make me nervous to be in a small rickshaw not following the rules surrounded by cars.

Parth Barot said...

sandy, its nice he showed his leg out for signal. Because i have faced situations, the driver is not able to pop hi leg and i have to show my leg out of the auto :D.

yah, seriously i have done this many times. But you know, Rikshaws rocks!

Jay Rajani said...

U got me remainder of my days when i used to travel in shuttle in which 15 people are easily accommodated.

Damn i got a bike now. But still i ve the same thrill ;) and u might ve experienced it.

Little Lamb said...

One must find the quickest way home. Home is a nice place to be.

Sornie said...

Obviously by writing this, you didn't end up in heaven. ANd after reading this, I'll never complain about drivers I encounter.

Sandy said...

@whim - yeah but sure is worth a try.

@parth - well i wouldnt dare to do that. But knowingly or unknowingly i hv done that as well. for instance when u sitting in front it normally happens that half of your body is out and i m under constant fear that a truck or bus would take me away miles away if i m not careful.

@jay - really but i dont enjoy such thrill. It gives me a feeling like - 'now i m gone' every 10 seconds

@little lamb - thatz why i took the risk at first, place to reach home that is.

@sornie - yeah i m really glad about that.

noisysmile said...

wow what a great big hullabaloo of frustration.

Robin said...

Thanks for the great laugh, Sandy!

Sandy said...

@noisysmile - yeah it sure was.

@robin - you had a laugh, i had a tough time. lol

DeLi said...

i havent tried rickshaw but i do have days of mad ride! :-)

Papillon said...

Wow, Sandy -- that sounds like a very chaotic way to get around! Since I work at home, I'm lucky enough to be able to walk to most places I need to go.

BTW, I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I absolutely love the quote about dreams at the top of your page. I sometimes wish the dream was an alternate universe that I could go visit for real.



Sandy said...

@deli - do you? is it as bad as this one?

@papillon - thanks papillon. you r lucky to work at home.