Friday, June 13, 2008

Nothing's Forever

...The sun shone brightly.

The sky was clearer and bluer than ever before. The brilliant light bestowed the earth. Giving new energy to every form of life. The brilliant light bestowed the great forests. Giving life to shrunken and sleepy leaves with the morning dew, making it flutter merrily. Making the flowers bloom in full glory. The sweet chirpings of birds filled the air. The brilliant light bestowed the vast blue oceans. Making it look like a treasure trove with uncountable number of sparkling diamonds stretching out as far as your eyes can see.

And then from nowhere the clouds made its way. Dark and evil it spread around like an epidemic. The air was filled with sounds of thunderstorms. Earth trembled. Leaves shrunk away. Birds cried. Oceans turned gray. A shriek of pain was heard.
Darkness was getting blacker. And then when all hopes were lost and when it seemed this darkness had no end,

The sun shone brightly....


billy said...

nature is her own boss

noisysmile said...

first of all kudos to billy.

second, that is BEAUTIFUL! The energy of this piece is outstanding. I do think there is still hope. To me the sun shining is a greater appreciation and respect for nature.

/t. said...

a very
nice piece, sandy

you think & write well

you asked about xml: i write all of my code by hand with assistance of a programmer's macro programmable text editor (actually two, one DOS (text) & one WIN (text/html), both shareware)

are you a programmer?


Little Lamb said...

Stuff happens.

Sandy said...

@billy - truly said mate.

@noisysmile - thanks hannah. that was encouraging.

@/t. - thanks sir. yeah i m a java programmer.

@little lamb - it do.

the walking man said...

You have a period of beneficial light, a period of dark terror, and then beneficial light be truly complete tell me what brought on the darkness[like an epidemic{?}] that I may avoid it in the future.

I probably shouldn't critique but I do it all the time for the purpose of making the random more structured.

Good thought though.

Frances bo bancess said...

beautiful... i like the extremes, and how the light is described so much more deeply than the dark. don't know if that was intentional.
keep it up =)

VioletSky said...

Love the imagery, especially after having just gone through a week of thunderstorms!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

ohh i knew it! the rain passed by here too..

this is a great poetic imagery. i esp like your line "a treasure trove with uncountable number of sparkling diamonds stretching out as far as your eyes can see"..

wonderful wonderful!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, Sandy, this got me in the gut.

/t. is God's gift to programming; I didn't know you were a programmer too!

Sandy said...

@the walking man - sir its just the fact that i had my happy days in life and when something sad happens we feel that its more dreadful than all the happiness that we ever had.

@Frances bo bancess - no it wasnt intentional, i think. i just wrote what i felt and then pressed the publish button and then i really read it.

@VioletSky - yeah rain's making an occasional visit here too.

@atomicvelvetsigh - thanks ma'm.

@enemy of the republic - thanks, it really is encouraging when so many good writers critique my work. i think i m poor in writing. but still i will write. thanks.

whimsical brainpan said...

What a wonderful piece Sandy! So vivid and descriptive. Thank you for sharing it.

Sandy said...

Thanks whim.

DeLi said...

nothings forever

Parth Barot said...

right,nothing is forever.And that nature tells us, not to forget our goals-our things and not to lose hope,keep our strength and doing things in right way without afraid of anything.

As nature says,Every thing will be changed now or then,but you should keep growing-keep doing something.

That is called life my friends :)

As said in our holy book 'GEETA' ,"Keep doing and do not expect anything in response" which is not possible for everyone though.

Sandy said...

@deli - i m glad you agree with that.

@parth - 'GEETA' ,"Keep doing and do not expect anything in response" I like that sentence.

Melissa said...

i know ur not talking about the weather here but more on the life issues, such and such. but i wish to digress =P

weather sure is temperamental here in malaysia. i wish it's somewhere in between, not insanely hot and also not raining cats and dogs. it's hard to go classes that way =(

Sandy said...

@melissa - the climate here is hot and humid. Clouds are making empty barks but not giving a bite of rain